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Cafarsite: Ca Ti Fe Mn Arsenate from Wannigletscher - Swiss Alps,  Switzerland.
Cafarsite: Ca Ti Fe Mn Arsenate from Wannigletscher - Swiss Alps
Cafarsite is one of the most, if not the single most, rare of the suite of classic Alpine mineral species. In fact, good cafarsite has not been found in some time and these are from a stash that recently came to market through the Swiss collector/mountain-climber, or 'strahler,' who collected them in the 1970's. We are offering them at what we think is a very reasonable cost (for the material) and are very pleased to have been able to obtain this group of specimens. Sharp crystals of the species are considered rare, as many become etched over time in situ, and fetch a premium price.
A very fine miniature with numerous sharp crystals to 8 mm across. $315 The Arkenstone
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