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Smoky Quartz; St. Gothard - Canton Uri - Switzerland
This great specimen was collected in the year 1868 and came from the famous, now legendary, Tiefengletscher grotto, a large pocket that produced about 22,000 pounds of smoky quartz. The largest surviving crystal (in the Natural History Museum of Berne) weighs more than 300 pounds. An excellent article on this occurrence, written by Dr. Wendell E. Wilson, appeared in Mineralogical Record, July- August, 1984. The excellent crystal offered for sale here seems to be more perfect at the termination (a fragile place, indeed) than those depicted in the article and its rich brown smoky quartz color is not typical of the 'smoky dark brown to black color' described. It is reasonable to conclude that this is one of the best known since it once was in the private collection of Clarence S. Bement, indeed, it is the only such specimen that I have ever heard of in the mineral specimen market. It is a very large, quite transparent, slightly compound crystal with its base sawn. The habit is identical to the specimen depicted in the article. A little artistic restoration was done at the base to even the prism out, but that is entirely reversible. It sits on a custom-made pearwood base. An important and historic specimen. 9-5/8x3-7/8x3-1/4 inches. $9500. L. H. Conklin, Mineralogist
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